Frost-Bitten Smitten Kitten

ollie_small1It’s supposed to hit 50 degrees on Saturday here in Chicago. I’ve never been so thrilled to see the number 50 in my life. The other day, the temp hit 30 and it took all of my willpower not to march outside in a bathing suit with a scarf around my neck (I’m sure it would’ve been fine though. The neighbors are getting used to me.)


A lot of people ask me, “Are you just dying from the cold out there?” And the truth is… you get used to it. Really, you do. It’s all relative. After three solid months of this, 20 degrees is pretty good, 10 degrees is barely ok but manageable and yes, the negative numbers plus the wind chill translates to “It’s so cold, I just want to lay down on the street and die like the little matchbox girl.”

But I understand where my friends are coming from because if the LA Me had flown into Chicago for the weekend? I’m pretty sure I’d be dead by Monday. This is mainly because 50 degrees in LA immediately translates to “It’s so cold, I want to lay down on the street and die like the little matchbox girl.” And now that same 50 degrees, in Chicago, means I can wear shorts, yippee!

I will also say this. Before Chicago, I’ve never really felt sorry for super skinny girls (especially since, in LA, it’s customary to bow down before them and offer them gifts of manna and gold) but now? Lord. These girls look so so cold in their oversized Uggs and their skinny jeans, just shivering on the bus stop like malnourished chihuahuas. Another blessing of my first Chicago winter- I’m actually thankful for my cellulite. And you wonder why I moved to the Midwest.

Other things that are bringing me joy today:

– When you meet a new friend and learn that they’re as obsessed with blogs as you are, it’s kind of like Indiana Jones tripping over the Holy Grail in his very own closet. Thanks to Lindsey, said newest, prettiest friend EVER, I now have these books for my very own. Click on the images to pick them up for yourself.

51zokq8oqhl_ss500_588– has added “Strangers With Candy” to their roster of free online shows because clearly they heard me crying in my sleep last night that it’s now February and nothing good ever comes in February. Also, check out the inspiration for Amy Sedaris’ Candy character Jerri Blank. It’s pretty mind-blowing stuff.

– I’m going to find me one of these old dudes, I swear to God. I’m dying to talk to you and you.

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2 Responses to Frost-Bitten Smitten Kitten

  1. thecreme says:

    OMG, that IS amy sedaris. So crazy.

    Have you read David Sedaris’ “Dress your family in Corduroy and Denim”? I read that before I realized that Amy Sedaris was his sister Amy (slow like that). I think the crazy family she grew up in helped make her as funny as she is.

  2. Karen says:

    I went down to the Florida Keys a few years ago (as a Philadelphian) and the highs were around 70 degrees–and we were sunbathing, and the native Floridans were literally wearing parkas. It was hilarious.

    The Sartoralist men remind me of Anthony Bourdain!

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