A Comfortable “Situation”



My “situation” looks a little like THIS:


Okay, okay it looks exactly like that. That is my couch. Hi, my name is Cones.  And I have an ugly couch.

I hate to complain because husband got it for a ridiculously low price, and by letting him buy that, I was able to sneak a new bed in the shopping cart while he was concentrating on how the couch would look in front of the flat screen TV. It is truly comfortable, squishy, soft. It even reclines.  

However, being the “visual-stimulation” type, I have to confess that it’s hard to look at. I’m not quite sure what to do with it.  If I tilt my head, squint my eyes and light some candles, it almost looks like this lovely black couch:



Alright no it doesn’t. Who am I kidding? 

I have a white faux fur blanket draped over it right now…


[Pottery Barn]

Nice, but still lacking in the umph quality I’m searching for.

I could just smother it in colored, textured pillows, but I’m afraid it would look like I was trying to hide the giant, black elephant in the room. Truth is what I’d really like looks a little more like these….



This one may be hideous on its own but I gotta say it looks pretty darn good in the context of this room…



And there is no way, no matter how much I begged and pleaded, that my husband would let me get a pink satin couch.  Now I see why some women marry gay men.  The decor alone is worth it.


Gorg. Is there any saving my couch? 

[all rooms from: Living, etc.]

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2 Responses to A Comfortable “Situation”

  1. Karen says:

    Good luck! Those types of sofas do seem comfy, but not the most used pieces for the Elle-Decor crowd.

    Maybe play recession-ista (god, I hate that term) and search for amazing deals out there. If you find a comfortable, inexpensive, attractive sofa, maybe he’ll go for it!

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