A Letter from the Editors (and Creative Directors, and Writers, and Photoshop-ers, and Trash Can Emptiers)

cones_small3ollie_smallIn light of recent world-shaking events (the tragic fall of Domino) we Creme girls have been rethinking our very existence. Granted Domino was only like 4 years old, but it was beautiful and inspiring and it made us skip back from the mailbox. The shock came from the idea that the beacon of domestic inspiration might actually cease to exist. Not might – will. Will. Cease. To. Exist. 

 Long before our blog came to be, long before the internet (now that’s tragic), we grew up reading magazines, making inspiration boards.  One day we would write for a magazine, or design editorial layouts, or meet designers, artists and authors (and go out for Cosmos after the photo shoot). That world used to seem so exclusive.  So New York. We wanted in! Yet, here we find ourselves – Cones in Japan, Ollie in Chicago. The world isn’t what it used to be.


And then last week, it struck us in the head – We’re the one’s we’ve been waiting for! (Obama-mania: still not over.) There are no rules (or rather, the rules are ours to make or break). We don’t have to be a design blog or a fashion blog or a humor blog.  Sometimes a girl needs a good recipe for Addictive Macaroni & Cheese as much as she needs a super-sweet pair of gladiators. We don’t want to have to make the choice between the two, so why would we want our readers to?


So in this new and uncertain world, magazines may give way to blogs.  Amateurs may be the new professionals. The preeminence of the Anna Wintours of the world is shakeable! Who knew?  Who gets to say what is press-worthy and what is not?  Well, I suppose we do – and you do too!

We just wanted to thank you for giving Creme de la Mode a few minutes of your day. We’ll try our best to do for you what magazines like Domino did for us.


Cones & Ollie

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One Response to A Letter from the Editors (and Creative Directors, and Writers, and Photoshop-ers, and Trash Can Emptiers)

  1. I love those rooms. They are gorgeous. I love the bright splashes of color, especially the bright pink with the blue.

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