Funny People

ollie_smallLet me start off by saying HELLO and then by explaining that if I’ve got a cranky tone in my posts lately, it’s because February is fast approaching and I don’t think I’m alone in stating that February is the worst month of the year. Ever.

It may have something to do with the fact that my hands have been numb with cold since November and I am so ready to move on. It doesn’t help that February is generally a very gray month, save for that big splash of red right there in the middle.


With that in mind, I’m calling in some reinforcements to my Blog List- namely, the comedic blog stylings of a few names you might recognize:

Ricky Gervais


Gervais became known a few years ago to those sharp Americans who were lucky enough to catch the original British series The Office. Since then, Gervais has continued to charm us/make us incredibly uncomfortable in shows like HBO’s Extras and movies like the recently released Ghost Town. He’s always the bright spot during award shows (let him host for the love of God. Anything would be better than that year with the reality show hosts.) And, for our purposes, his blog is just as full of funny. NOTE: It’s not really safe for work but, possibly realizing that, Mr. Gervais has thankfully made his font really small.

Read Mr. Gervais’ blog here.

Andy Cohen


Thanks to Scented Glossy Magazines, we now know that our favorite Bravo reunions host has his own space eeked out on Bravo’s hot mess of a website (seriously, people at Bravo, call me. Your website is a cluster-web of information and it makes my insides hurt). Thankfully, instead of the same old watered down mumbo jumbo, Mr. Cohen’s blog is actually really funny. It’s always nice to see a TV personality has an ACTUAL personality.

Read Andy’s blog here.

Meredith from The Office


Lord. If you thought Kate Flannery’s character Meredith (she of the hysterectomy, rabies, getting run over by her boss and, oh yes, a monumental drinking problem) on The Office shares a bit too much information, well, she’s sharing a lot more on her own NBC blog.  To which I respond, “Yay!”

Read Meredith’s blog here.

Blogs I wish we could see: Kathy Griffin, Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon, and Alison Janney. Just to name a few… Know any good celebrity blogs? Share them with us!

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