And the Winner is….

Jason Wu!

jwu_126-year old Jason Wu was the lucky designer picked by Michelle Obama for the Inauguration gown we’ve all been speculating about for about 2 months now.

michelle_wuI think there will be mixed reviews on this one.  Personally, I dig the bodice – it was flowery and sparkly in the right light, and showed off the First Lady’s amazing guns. However, the horrible digital film that CNN used to film this was too grainy, and the viewers lost much of the detail. You can see in the above shot though, that the detail is beautiful.  Don’t they look happy?

michelle_wu_2I’m just not so sure about the rest of the dress.  Unfortunately, the loose shape at the bottom and the continuation of the poofy details made it appear younger, too young even. I think it would have been improved by a sleek lower half that showed off her amazing curves instead of hiding them.

Jason Wu’s strong talent seems most evident in his more casual styles.  Here are some looks from Spring ’09.


And from a few seasons past:

wu_11wu_21I think Mrs. Obama would look fantastic in either of those two.


The true winners of the most fashionable Inauguration moment?  Without a doubt…


[Jason Wu’s Website]

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