Yet Another Obama Onion Moment

56516577By “Onion Moment” I mean the daily Obama family-induced watery-eye moment I have been battling (unsuccessfully) for about two months now. This has got to stop.  I’m thinking, inauguration day is the day.  No more sentimentality, time to get down to business. Oh shoot! But then what about the Obama PUPPY!!!!!!!


By April then. By April – no more crying over sappy moments like this one:

Malia Obama, the 10-year-old daughter of President-elect Obama, plans to make herself right at home in the White House and has already called dibs on using Abraham Lincoln’s desk for her homework.

Obama, who will move his family into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on Jan. 20, said his oldest daughter came back from her tour of the White House with a plan.

“She says, ‘You know, Daddy, I’ve got an idea,'” Obama told ABC News’ Barbara Walters during an exclusive interview.

“She says, ‘Well you know how sometimes I have these, you know, big papers that I have to write? If I’ve got an important paper, a history paper, I think I’m going to go in that room where Abraham Lincoln, where there’s that thing where he signed it?”

“You mean the Gettysburg Address?” Obama asked.

“Yeah.  I’m going to sit at that desk because I’m thinking that will inspire big thoughts,” she told her father.

“Hey, go ahead kid,” Michelle Obama said with a laugh.

What does this desk look like?  I’m dying to know.  Will someone please dig up a photo for me? I’m going to let my imagination run wild until I find it….


So apparently this was Lincoln’s desk!  But was it THE desk??  Quite honestly, I would like to see Miss Malia at one of these:


For some reason I’ve never felt compelled to tour the White House before.  I felt satisfied by Aaron Sorkin’s rendition in the West Wing. I’m thinking that it’s going to be my first stop when I’m next in D.C. Here are some photos of families in the W.H.



President Franklin Roosevelt poses with his 13 grandchildren on his fourth inaugural, January 20, 1945.



Mamie Eisenhower poses with her sister and two nieces in the Green Room for their debut party November 25, 1960.


Jacqueline Kennedy greets the wives of astronauts, America’s newest heroes and explorers, in the Green Room May 8, 1961.


Rosalynn Carter greets young White House visitors in the Blue Room August 4, 1978.


Betty Ford sits next to General Alexander Haig, a future Secretary of State (1981-82), in the Red Room during a dinner held in General Haig’s honor October 23, 1974.


The Ronald Reagan family poses in the Red Room for a family portrait on his inaugural, January 20, 1981.


Laura Bush lights the candles for the administration’s first state dinner, which welcomed Mexican President Vicente Fox and 136 guests Sept. 5, 2001. Before the 1902 renovation, the State Dining Room was 30 percent smaller and only able to accommodate 40 guests for dinner.

Happy Inauguration Day to you all!

Love, the Creme Girls

[desks 2-6 from 1stdibs, First Families in the White House from here]

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