Of the Earth, the Sea & Beyond


1. Firebox 2. Wooden Bowls 3. Branch Sculpture 4. Horn 5. Paisley Pillow 6. Copper Sequin Pillow 7. Lotus 


1. Chaise 2. Coral Branch Table  3. Mother of Pearl Pillow 4. Coral Pillow 5. Sequin Pillow 6. Silver Shell 7. Fish 8. Painting


1. Horn Boxes 2. Chair 3. Mercury Glass Jar 4. Porcelain Shell 5. Pillow 6. Pyrite Heart 7. Lamp

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2 Responses to Of the Earth, the Sea & Beyond

  1. erinfm says:

    These selections are beautiful, especially those pillows. I love good pillows, they can make or break a couch. I don’t think I ever fondly remember a couch that didn’t have good pillows on it.

  2. thecreme says:

    Erin, I totally agree. And you can change the entire look of the couch seasonally but the pillows. You have to go check out the shop where I found those – you will love the selection.

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