Resolution #2: Listen to Your Mother


There are certain times when it becomes necessary to ignore your mother. Like, say, when she’s not-so-subtly trying to hook you up with the single pastor at your nephew’s baptism (her argument for our being soul mates: “He has an earring.” I kid you not. According to that theory, Theo Huxtable and I are, also, MFEO).

However, as I get older, I am forced to tip my hat to her when it comes to a few life points. 1) gum chewing in public is gross and an absolute turn-off. I think it was Britney Spears’ Today show interview, the one with the cut-off shorts, that was the final spearmint-flavored nail in that coffin. 2) When your favorite pair of jeans develops a hole of its own accord, it’s time to say good-bye. And 3) my resolution for this year: stand up straight.

Fashion, at least high fashion, directly contradicts the old maxim for good posture with the good old “couture” pose.


However, life is not a runway and chances are that Giselle even sits perfectly straight on a twelve hour plane ride while the rest of us hunchbacks are slouched in Coach, wolfing down $4 snack packs.

I had a clear cut directive for my New Years Resolutions this year- they had to be cheap or free, relatively simple and, if it comes down to sacrifice, the item sacrificed has to be one that added absolutely no value to my life.

Good posture, then, is a no-brainer. Standing up straight conveys confidence, pride, strenght and, as my New York upbringing taught me, is handy when it comes to detering purse-snatchers (holding out pepper spray also helps but it’s marginally less sophisticated). It also makes you look pretty. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been at a restaurant and caught a glimpse of myself hulking over a plate of tacos in a mirror or window, like Gollum over a fish. “Mine! The precious!”

So when narrowing down your own resolutions for the coming year, and ideally for the rest of your life, consider tossing in Good Posture onto the list. Your mom will be so proud.

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