Spotting the Sublime

I’ve had a lot of projects going on lately, some that will soon come to fruition (and soon to be on the Creme – YAY!)  One is an updated website for my jewelry company. This labor of love required….well….lots of new jewelry (months worth!!), a few gorgeous models (check and check), and a kick-ass photographer.  Thankfully, my dear friend and neighbor AVIVA just happens to be magic with a lense.  Not only is her name a palindrome, but her photography will blow you away.  (She’s also a one-woman yellow pages of the best places to eat on the island.) I love how she turns seemingly mundane things (like a gas pump) into the sublime.





That’s Rafia. I was lucky enough to get her to model for my new jewelry site.


Aviva specializes in kid’s portraits.  She has a way of drawing out their personalities – this one is one of my favorites.



She loves to do “grad photoshoots” – but really turns them into something more special than a typical graduation photo. Each shoot becomes a window into the subject’s life, capturing their spirit.


Oh, this last photo?  That’s our lovely little island. Book a flight and a date with AVIVA – you won’t be disappointed.

Check back early next week for the launch of my new jewelry site and an awesome giveaway for our devoted Creme de la Mode readers.

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One Response to Spotting the Sublime

  1. aviva says:

    well shucks. thanks, Creme. i’m a lucky girl – i love what i do. this place and the people i meet are beautiful. so is the jewelry – just wait until you see…

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