Thoughts I’ve Been Thinking This Morning


– I think I lingered a little bit too long over the “Need a Pet Model” ad I saw on Craigslist. Seriously, is it wrong to indulge in a five minute fantasy of my dog as a model of Zoolander quality and prestige, raking in the bucks as he poses next to a bowl of puppy chow for hours on end while I count the bills and file my nails in the corner? Should I call Brooke Shields’ mom or what? They’re on good terms now right? Right?

– I’ve been gone for two weeks and in that time I’ve accumulated only 50 emails. Is that low? That seems low.


– I am beyond excited for this new VH1 show “Tool Academy,” especially since I have long considered myself a one-woman Tool Academy. (I have thrown many, many Bluetooths into swimming pools.) Although, why are these girls with these guys in the first place? I think we need Low Self-Esteem Academy to run alongside this one. But for now, “Will the three remaining Tools please step forward?”


– I love Ruby. Love, love, love. If you’ve got a long list of resolutions for the new year in your pocket, I highly recommend Style’s new show. No money, no gimmicks, no reality show divas (and yes, if your eyes are drifting upwards to the toolbox above, I understand I am a creature of contradictions.) Just pure docudrama heart and glory.

– All of Cones’ entries for the past two weeks have been gorgeous and all I do is search for things like “Dog Runway” and “Tools”. Love ya’ll.

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