Singing the “Monday-After-the-Holidays-I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-Back-At-Work” Blues

I think the color blue has a bad rap.  If I were describe my happiest moments, there is always an aura of beautiful blue that emanates in my mind. If I were feeling low, I would rather say I’m feeling chartreuse, or mauve.  Seriously just try to name something the color blue that is depressing.  See, you can’t do it.

I’m a big fan of blue.  Blue sky, blue sea, blue eyes…


um, … where was I?

Oh yes – the blue accented touches that complete a room.

Blue can be winter, it can be spring. All you need is a hint of it.


A bright blue can add warmth with an ethnic twist.


Seriously, a blue chandelier? Come ON.  I would never leave that room.


So I spent the greater part of the weekend bingeing on blue eBay finds. Have at it, kids.  

Just try to put a blue rollersake/vase in your living room and frown at the same time. Impossible.


1. Turquoise Glass Candy Dish 2. Blue Vintage Rollerskate Vase 3. Blue Lamp 4. Blue Water Globes 5. Saffire Cut Glass Dish 6. Turquoise Moroccan Lantern 7. Turquoise Rooster Covered Dish 8. Blue Resin Skull 

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