Making the most of a rainy day

For those of you bitches heading to Venice for the holidays…better pack your rainboots!

I don’t let a little rain slow my wine consumption either.


Smart shopkeeper…who would want to leave your store to go out in that?


Wang, by the look on her face, I think you and wifey are going to the Venetian in Vegas next year.


Seriously, there are no words that make this image better.



1. Walmart, $15; 2. Chooka, $59; 3. Ilse Jacobsen, $130; 4. Gap, $39; 5. Roxy $33; 6. Target, $24; 

Venice Under Water photos.

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2 Responses to Making the most of a rainy day

  1. Corine says:

    Plague, bacteria, and electrocution. The first things to pop into my head when I saw the Venice pics. I might be a little paranoid, but it’s nice to see everyone else making the best out of it.

  2. thecreme says:

    Corine, yeah that Deli photo is just so…. I can’t even believe people are buying food while wading in calf-deep. You are not paranoid.

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