Long-time readers will remember that many, many moons ago Cones went away for a week (this was back in the day when we were sharing posting responsibilities) and I decided, as a joke, to write a post that was entirely about unicorns. I forget why. Probably because she was always pestering me to “stay on message” ie our posts should always be classy, relevant and should not include magical creatures. And because taunting her is just as fun now that she’s thousands of miles away in Japan as it was when we lived next door to each other in LA.

So you could imagine my surprise when I check out my dashboard this morning and discover that the joke unicorn post is the most popular post on this blog. Indeed, every once in a while I’m surprised to find yet another comment about it in my inbox (I apologize to the person who commented most recently and said only that it was “lame”. The next time I tackle our gleaming, horned horse friends as a joke, I’ll try to make it more enjoyable for you.) “Unicorns” is the second most popular search term driving people to us. (The first one? HEATHER GRAHAM. I AM HORRIFIED.)

Realizing this is some kind of SEO gold-mine (excuse me as I push my nerd glasses further up my nose), I’ve decided to attach the “unicorn” tag to every single post from now on. I apologize to any of you users who are coming here strictly to see pictures of unicorns or discuss unicorns or learn more information about unicorns. But hey, NOW THAT YOU’RE HERE, why don’t you sit for a while? If you’ve come here to discuss Heather Graham, I am going to have to ask you to leave immediately.

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One Response to Well HELLO

  1. Creme says:

    OMG I am in love with the snow. It even gathers in clumps on the sides! Now I want to go skiing. Wah.

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