I’m seriously considering investing in snow shoes. This morning, bundled up to the nines, I walked Charlie around the corner to the mail box and almost lost my footing in the middle of the icy street. Last night, fresh snow was falling and it was lovely enough to forget, momentarily, that in the morning I would be clumsily making my way down sidewalks that have turned to sheets of ice.

"Ona" Stationery by

"Ona" Stationery by

Clearly, though, this is just my problem as I made my way slowly block after block like an old lady and a girl JOGGED past me, out for a morning run.

Damask file folders from

Damask file folders from

But now I’m back inside, thank God, and “Holiday Inn” is playing on my computer (thank you, Netflix). Actually as I write this, Bing is going into “White Christmas”  for the first time and I have chills- it’s easy to see how this simple musical number could snowball into a Christmas classic, a mainstay of the season.

Courtesy of Brambleberry Lane on

Courtesy of Brambleberry Lane on

Thanks to Bing and a letter from my oldest friend (hi Kate!), I’m feeling a little bolstered today. Letters are magical things. They carry voices with them and emails, texts and instant messages just can’t compete. They also require such lovely accessories.

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