Music Monday: Holiday Edition


Chicago has been generous enough to donate about two feet of fluffy snow for today, the official holiday kick-off at Creme HQ. Totally worth the freezing of my extremities to see Charlie Bagel, my Kentucky-born pup, notice the snow for the first time (it scared the bejesus out of him. He also does not enjoy wind, believing something is about to attack him from all sides, making this morning’s walk particularly bizarre and amusing. At least to me.)

This morning, instead of the usual track, I’m going to do you a solid and assist you with all of your holiday music needs. Because, quite frankly, I’m already really tired of hearing the same John Lennon-Karen Carpenter-Perry Como loop they play on the radio. My parents listen to only one radio station between Thanksgiving and the Big Day and after two days, I wanted to shove stuffing into my ears and cry.


Finetune– If you haven’t already created a Finetune account, you should. The music site lets you create playlists from their extensive library (search Elton John and you’ll see pretty much every single one of his albums), 45 songs minimum, but the computer quality is excellent and they recently added a snazzy, free iPhone application which means you can have music wherever you go too. Check out a number of Holiday playlists submitted by doting fans (Christmas Soul, Christmas Pop, Christmas Rock, Hanukkah too!) and with the number of tracks reaching into the hundreds, it’ll be a while before you hear some repeats. Or, save a few iTunes bucks, and create your own perfect holiday playlist. For free.


Pandora– I’ve had my Holiday Standards station for so long, I had to remind myself how I create it. It’s easy actually. You can either click on Pandora’s prepared Holiday station or create your own! Simply search for a specific holiday song when you create a station and Pandora will take care of the rest. My Ella Fitzgerald version of “Frosty the Snowman” gave me a personalized station with holiday favorites from Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, The Ronettes, etc.

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