Gifts from the heart

Nothing says Thanksgiving with my family like a chihuahua humping the head of a german shepherd who is literally 25 times it’s size.

I can’t seem to decide which is more disturbing, the fact that my sister’s chihuahua always goes straight for the head or that our german shepherd really seems fine with the whole situation. Or that the older I get, the more “Southpark” my humor gets. So this is my Thanksgiving present to you, chickens.  A savory cup of funny with a dollop of indecorous puppy humping.

See what happens? Ollie’s Thanksgiving post gushes with gratitude and humility, and I come along like a giant seagull and dump all over it.  Mmmmwah!

Okay, okay, I do have one other treat for y’all.  I’ve spent the last 4 weeks scoping out the absolute bestest pumpkin / squash soups and I am bringing you the final round. Doubt you’ll have time to squeeze in a whole new recipe for T-Dinner, but keep this in your back pocket when the hungry hippos start showing up in your kitchen later this weekend.

First we have the traditional savory Butternut Squash Leek Soup.  This is seriously a pro soup, you will impress even the most finicky eaters. Tastes rich and buttery.


tied for first, the Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Leek and Coconut Milk Soup is more exotic.


It is velvety rich, and surprisingly lowfat because of the sweet potatoes. One bowl of this and a hunk of sourdough is a full meal.

I hope your holiday is filled with humor, home-cookin’ goodness and humping puppies. Love, Cones

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2 Responses to Gifts from the heart

  1. ollieoof says:

    You’re disgusting. Also, I think we need a post on how it felt to be back, temporarily, in the US after living in Japan for almost a full year.

  2. Creme says:

    how is that disgusting Ollie? It’s NATURE. Sheesh.

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