They Shoot Turkeys, Don’t They?


Thanksgiving is, by far, my favorite holiday. Sure, Christmas is great (and this year the season seems to have started earlier than ever. Macy’s was decorating for it before Halloween) but the day itself has so much build up for what is usually a quiet let-down.  


Thanksgiving, on the other hand, is void of the commercial trappings and never disappoints. It revolves around the attentiveness of a singular robust meal, the feast to end all feasts, a table laden with comfort foods, cinnamon-spiked desserts and heady wine. There’s that big parade, thick socks, football (or football drama on DVD), construction paper turkeys and a moment where we’re reminded to be grateful for our blessings, no matter how big or small. 


A couple of things I’m grateful for this year, blog-style. 

The ability to steal glossy photographs and save them to my desktop because it means I don’t have to do things like fuss with my camera, lighting and a USB cord. That means more time to read, lavish my dog with baby talk, and Video Chat with my niece and nephew. 

Apple + Shift + 4 = ability to steal photographs from places where stealing photographs is strongly discouraged (love ya- thanks!)


The people who toil tirelessly day after day to ensure I have gossip, recipes, style tips, and stories at my fingertips. In particular, the women who document their lives day after day, sharing their joys but also their fears and their demons, seeking connection, providing comfort and wisdom and sometimes aid and finding them returned ten-fold. 


Google Reader, for making it so easy to follow 42 blogs every day. Otherwise, I’d have carpal-tunnel for sure. 


I’m thankful for Cones, whom I miss, who is slightly busy living overseas, taking care of an obese cat, a husband with terrifying political ambitions and quasi-worrisome devotion to beer, grad school (ie an excuse for her to rant about politics with people who will actually rant back), a thriving jewelry business and God only knows what else (a hip-hop CD? A fur stole fashion line? A novel about space pirates who also design jewelry and are getting their Masters?) and still makes time to contribute here and give me a break every once in a while. Not to mention infuriate me because her Daily Bites are always so much better than mine. 

And you, of course, my sweetly selective reader. I’m grateful for you most of all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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3 Responses to They Shoot Turkeys, Don’t They?

  1. bethenais says:

    happy happy thanksgiving! and thanks for your interesting and spicey blog! it is a delight!

  2. Creme says:

    Your sentiment cuts through my guilty heart like a dollop of boiling gravy through a pile of mashed potatoes. I’m thankful for you Ollifer! And I promise to put my hip hop CD on hold for a while and contribute more.

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