Cashmere Hug


My beautiful kitty cat Gunner gave me some inspiration today.  He’s sort of cat-dog.  Cat in that he’s a bit of a snob, and likes to pretend I’m not there.  Dog in that he really follows me around the house all day, falling at my feet and stretching out to display all his lovable goodness.

gunner2“Oh, I’m sorry, you want to rub me? Because of all my fluffy wonderfulness?  Okay, I suppose if you must.”

Gunner reminds me that all you really need in life is some food, some water, a leak-proof roof and some really good hugs.  Thankfully, I have those in abundance.

I just love when designers can sense my mood, and design accordingly.  Check out the cashmere lovelies from the Australian line To Sir With Love:



The most cuddly accessories always come from Antrho:


[photos: storm cloud scarf, grey mountain mukluks,

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One Response to Cashmere Hug

  1. pinar says:

    I loved your comment about your cat..
    simple- looking wishes.. which can be so hard to find.. and therefore so heart warming..

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