Seriously Painful Part II

Lord, Cones. If you thought the Olsen twins on Oprah was rough, I just winced my way through Mary Kate’s interview on Late Night With Conan O’Brien. And yes, I realize how indicative this is of the main difference between us with you watching Oprah and me glued to Conan.

It got to the point where Conan had to basically disrobe just to inject a little energy into the interview. What is up with these beautiful, charming girls? Why can’t they transfer some of that charm to the small screen?

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2 Responses to Seriously Painful Part II

  1. Creme says:

    the ironic thing is that THAT”S WHAT THEIR FAMOUS FOR. acting on the small screen.

    I would dare to say that they are famous because some savvy buisnessman got a hold of their brand, made them partners, made gazillions, and this is why we care about them.

  2. Ollie says:

    Look at you with your Japanese YouTube. Adorable.

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