Sedaris Redux

The other day I was walking home from the supermarket and I had my first taste of Chicago bluster. It was a Winnie the Pooh kind of day which means by the time I got to the first corner on my long walk home, my arms laden with soup cans and puppy chow, my hair looked like it had gotten caught in a blender and my hands were numb.

Still, I was giggling, thanks to David Sedaris’ unmistakable voice in my ears. And may I just say once and for all how grateful I am to the inventor of headphones- to be able to walk home in the cold with a sweet, snarky playwright murmuring in your ear is a miracle indeed.

So with that in mind, a little Sedaris love for you this Tuesday, from both David and sister Amy.

(And yes, you can find them in other places but Letterman’s studio but why bother? Dave is fantastic.)

Also, while you’re out this afternoon, pick these up.

They’ll make your life better. I promise.

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