Your New Wallpaper

I posted about Dyna Moe’s Mad Men illustrations a while back (and if our Categories area hadn’t completely vanished into netherspace, I could link to it. BAH!) and I just have to say that they make UNBELIEVABLE iPhone wallpapers. I just uploaded this one and I can’t stop waking up my iPhone to coo at it.

And the typical “I can’t afford an iPhone but I have one” disclaimer- I got it for my birthday from pretty much everyone in my entire family, and I understand how ironic it is because lately I’m feeling the pinch, money-wise, and yes, I think it’s weird that I check my bank balance on my new iPhone and then cry… which is pretty much how this country got into this mess in the first place. BOO YA. Ollie Oof is now a pundit, can’t wait for FOX News to call.

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One Response to Your New Wallpaper

  1. thecreme says:

    I don’t think FOX news will be calling anytime soon. You’re way too reasonable, educated, and frankly, sane to be of any use to them.

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