Seriously Painful

I’m going to break one of our founding rules.  The no shit-talkin’ rule. Ollie is going to fire me (I already have two strikes). But I really need to address the Olsen twin interview on Oprah.  These girls are multi, MULTI millionaires.  They have been on camera THEIR ENTIRE LIVES. You’d think they could MAKE UP something interesting to talk about.  Hire a coach.  Jump on a couch. Something.

And hey, Oprah, as a rule, gives pretty good interview.  And Oprah’s editors guarantee that only the tastiest morsels make it on-screen.  So what, ask you WHAT the F&@#$ was this? She actually talked to them for like 4 minutes about what they eat for breakfast. I want to like them, I really do. I like The Row, and Elizabeth & James. Can’t afford either, but that doesn’t stop me from longing, and trying to recreate at Forever 21 and Buffalo Exchange.

I understand that not everyone is cut out to be the image of their company.  But then for god sake, stay off Oprah.

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2 Responses to Seriously Painful

  1. ollieoof says:

    I’ll forgive you if you find out what happened to our Categories area.

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