3 New Loves

What did I ever do without NotCot? Whenever I want a new source for Daily Bites, all I have to do is scour the main page.

Here are three new babies added to the list:

Etsy– Yes, I’m slow. Actually, I think Cones mentioned Etsy on this site once. And I’ve only seen it mentioned on Dooce a gazillion times. But still, sometimes a horse does not like to be led to water. Sometimes it needs to be tricked. Ok, so that’s not accurate in the least but it’s nicer than saying I was lazy.

Modern Urban Living– Dieter from Sprockets wants to redecorate your loft. Let him please.

We Heart Stuff– Oh, and I heart you, dear little flowers. I love it when my sites come with accents (not to mention extra “u”‘s)

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One Response to 3 New Loves

  1. trace1388 says:

    Well I am not Dieter but I certainly appreciate your support. Thanks from Modern Urban Living. :> Lick it up!

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