Behind the Music

You know how sometimes you have this friend and you’ve been, you know, hanging out with him or her for a while now and you guys are talking one day and you mention something random like shoelaces and your friend says, “Oh, yeah my dad invented those.” And you go, “What?” And they go, “Yeah, like thirty years ago. My parents live in a shoelace mansion and everything” and you go “What? How can you not tell me this?” And they’re so nonchalant about it and you wonder if the world has gone crazy?

Ok, this might not’ve been a great way to start this post. I’m not trying to tell you anything remotely on the level of “By the way, I blog and I’m a gazillionaire” because if that were the case I would be hanging out with Oprah, not sitting here in front of a keyboard and a bowl of Special K. The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes you find out something weird about someone you think you know pretty well and you get annoyed because they didn’t tell you- the truth is, they most likely just forgot or don’t think it’s a big deal at all.

So at this point I should say I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you that about a year ago two of my coworkers and I made this video and put it on Youtube.

(If you click the link to the Youtube page, that’s Walk It Out, Fosse but not my youtube account. See, after the video got big and we scored over a million views, the powers that be shut down my account for copyright infringement. Clearly this user got the copyright- either that or Youtube just sucks).

Why am I bringing this up now? Um, well, because someone sent me this last night AND I HAD A MINOR STROKE.

And then someone else sent me this video of Beyonce getting interviewed by BET about how she used the Fosse video as inspiration. And I just, I can’t- what is going on??

Let’s recap, shall we- it’s summer. Marty sends me a funny Gwen Verdon video. He likes campy stuff and the original video is just delish. Harlow just happens to be blasting “Walk It Out” by Unk over the office stereo. We realize it kind of goes together, really well in fact. I email the guy who posted the original Gwen Verdon video, he sends me the video file. It literally takes two seconds (OK, maybe four) to drop Unk’s track over the video in iMovie. I do nothing else. NOTHING. No time editing, nothing. This was minimal effort.

Except for the part where I post it on Youtube and I start sending it to blogs. Namely a few of those pop culture blogs run by gay guys. And places like The Wow Report. And they actually feature it. When the numbers jumped into the thousands I became unglued. We posted a chart in the office to track our numbers progress (oh, I miss my programmers) as I hit up more and more blogs every day. At this point, our GM shuts Youtube down in the office because we are clearly out of control. It’s the only site he’s blocked.

Then, comes the That-Thing-You-Do-running-through-the-streets-We’re-on-the-RADIO moment. My roommate bursts into our apartment in mid-yell on a Sunday night, “It’s on Perez!” And my heart stops. The numbers go CRAZY. On a SUNDAY.

I go on vacation. NPR calls to do an interview. I’m in a car driving through Utah and I’m 99% sure my coworkers are just messing with me. They’re not. My friend and I pull over to the side of the road in Devil’s Creek, Idaho so I can talk to NPR about the video. It’s all very surreal and absurd. Any second now John Waters is going to walk up to the side of my car and slap me in the face with an inflatable boob.

The numbers are still climbing. I get calls that it’s on Last Call with Carson Daly (who knew that show was still on but still), played on the news in Ohio, viral in France and on some show in New Zealand. My parents and brother call when it hits a million, playing the Rocky theme over the phone. My father has taken to checking the video’s progress every day, reading comments (horrifying. People write some nasty stuff there). He’s very upset when Youtube shuts it down but what can you do? It gets over another million views on MySpace Video. I resume my life and just kind of forget about it. About a month ago, on a whim, I watched the video again and it made me laugh.

Until, oh wait a minute, THIS BEYONCE THING HAPPENS. This happens and I am, once again, completely at a loss. Wha-who?

So yeah, there you have it. My shoelace story. The closest I will ever get to a Knowles unless I go out and buy one of Tina’s dresses. Wait, does this mean Jay Z has seen the video? Ok, Beyonce is one thing but if Jay-Z’s seen it? I need to go lie down. Immediately.

The end.

PS If you don’t believe me and think I honestly have the time on my hands to spin a completely intricate lie about this whole thing, email me and I’ll send you the NPR interview.

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3 Responses to Behind the Music

  1. George says:

    That’s so awesome! You inspired Beyonce! Woot woot!

  2. hollie says:

    Reading this has made me so so angry and frustrated. There needs to be some sort of justice to get you the proper credit. You’re like the windshield wiper guy in the new greg kinnear movie.

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