Is Painful

When I lived in LA, my best friend and I liked to drive through certain areas of the city, like Silverlake and Los Feliz, and play a little game we called “Hipster or Homeless?” Certainly, on some days the game was more difficult than others. Often times the only thing to tip you off one way or another was a pair of Aviator sunglasses that cost more than the car we were riding in.

While doing a little playful digging for a few Daily Bites this morning, I came across what can only be construed as the Holy Land of So Hip It Hurts (another game we used to play. Basically, all it requires is a Swedish accent and a lot of complaining about how your hipness is out of control.) Behold, TrendLand.

The model third from the right (above) has got the game down cold. She gets it. Sometimes to be hip is to be in PAIN, such is the crushing reality of hip and finger biting. It’s all very German film noir, all harsh lighting and edge and stark realism. There is no joy in this place, only scowls and jutting pelvic bones and ART. You cannot handle the skinny jeans and carefully manicured facial hair. YOU JUST CAN’T.

Behold, three guys you want to punch in the face.

Behold, three guys you want to punch in the face.

The Good News: Those on the “cutting edge” generally excel in a killer web layout and TrendLand is no exception. The appeal here is a world of fashion, art, photography and an area deemed “Fancy & Cool” that is laid out very cleanly on a warm, wood backdrop. The effect is, you’re a Nordic model who likes freestyle Jazz and coconut ice cream and you’ve decided to take up scrapbooking so you’ve spread your photos and magazine covers all over your hardwood floor and cannot decide if you like this picture of you looking angry in the ’60s or the one of you looking angry in plaid in the ’90s. Let us use both! In short, you’ll find some interesting things here, swanky photography and the layout works.

The Bad News: Lord. Well… I’ll let them speak for themselves:

What is it about ?

[Cyana] Trend.Land is our world in motion—an exciting mélange of ideas and trends—a world directed and inspired by Fashion.

If I could just be sure they were in on the So Hip It Hurts game, this would be hilarious. The “What is it about?” alone brings a smile to my face. As it is, the problem with this brand of “Hip” is that it too often comes with a lack of a sense of humor. Fashion and ART is all very, very serious. We’re talking about melange here, people. Lest you forget.

Verdict: Worth a first look, but I wouldn’t book it a ticket on the Bookmark train. Visit TrendLand.

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One Response to Is Painful

  1. Katie says:

    This post made my day and I thank you.

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