I’m not a big fan of the perfume. The idea of a prepackaged scent seems too contrived. Like buying an entire outfit right off the mannequin, and saying “look at me, aren’t I stylish?” Or buying the Whole Foods deli case spread and pretending to have coordinated a masterful meal myself. (actually, that trick goes over quite well.) Nevertheless, with regard to fragrance,  I prefer the subtle scent of shampoo, even some really basic body lotion with a hint of lime. THAT BEING SAID….

This month’s Elle finally arrived (the return of J. Lo) and there are about 14 nauseating perfume samples, resulting in a cacophony of nasal nuisance. I can barely read the thing in the house.  Then, on the very last page, an actual original, fresh, lovely scent.  Coach Legacy.  I don’t know what it is about the smell, but it evokes an actual memory I don’t think is mine.  You know that scene in Sex & the City when the girls attend the gorgeous Hamptons wedding of the gayest gay man alive?  (And Carrie is wearing that fantastic strapless pink dress?) It smells like the scene at that wedding.  Just wonderful.

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One Response to Scentisfaction

  1. TIG says:

    What a beautiful way to describe a scent — feel compelled to try it, based solely on this description . . .

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