I’m freezing.

This should come as no surprise if you’ve been reading this blog faithfully and remember that I, Ollie Oof, was a Southern California girl up until June when I decided to uproot myself completely and move to Chicago. A city I’d never even visited before. A city that people everywhere were quick to tell me they adore, except for, you know, the weather.

I’m not saying I made a MISTAKE or anything. But the temperature just dropped approximately 20 degrees and I am slowly dying. Even my new pink and black-striped fingerless gloves aren’t cheering me up. My 22 years of surviving East Coast winters were wiped away after four measly years in LA’s perpetual summer.

As a result, I’ve spent all morning drooling over coats.

And wanting to shop here immediately.

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2 Responses to Well, HELLO

  1. Kari says:

    I hate to say it, but in Chicago you will eventually need this: http://tinyurl.com/3qd23a or they will have to amputate your legs.

    Godspeed, Ollie Oof.

  2. cassandra says:

    i’m truly beginning to think that the only benefit to moving away from socal is to shop for scarves, coats, hats, boots and other adorable accessories ~ the cutest of which will actually do you no good anyways. ugh! at least seattle is a bit better than chi-town when it comes to temperature… we just get soaked in the rain 🙂

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