Have You Hugged a Creature Today?

When you start writing your own blog, you immediately become appreciative when you stumble upon one that’s crafted so lovingly, with such detail and elegance that every aspect of the page has its own signature impact. I mean, just writing that sentence was time consuming- the fact that Ez over at Creature Comforts hasn’t fallen over with exhaustion after spinning lovely day after day is just bewildering (then again, this is from someone who needs a coffee and biscuit break after a copy & paste session).

I mean, just look at the elements here. Take a simple blog roll…

And put the rest of us to shame. Aaaand now your eyes are scanning to the right where my blog roll is super plain and uninspiring so let’s move on to FRAMES. Immediately.

At this point, I’d like to say that usually when I feature a blog or site on Creme, I try to pull photos from multiple pages and posts. There’s a lot of scrolling involved, a lengthy selection process to give you as full a view of the worthy blog. This, however, is all from the first page of CC. So you can just use your very clever deductive reasoning skills to assume that excellence is par for the course over there.

Ok, enough gushing. Here’s what I really want to say- from one tired blogger to a seemingly tireless one.

Dear EZ,

Thank you for putting so much effort into your work each day. It’s inspiring. And very much appreciated.


Ollie and Cones (The Creme Girls)

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2 Responses to Have You Hugged a Creature Today?

  1. Ez says:

    Oh my goodness!
    This was by far the sweetest most thoughtful thing I’ve seen in a long time. I am completely flattered (almost to speechlessness)! Thank you so much for such a kind post… you’ve made my entire month! Truly!

  2. What an incredibly kind thing to do! And so deserved. I consider Ez a dear, dear friend and you are absolutely right. I feel lucky to know her and happy for all of us that Creaturecomforts is our home away from home! Your blog is absolutely lovely and I am so glad I found it!

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