I Have a New Friend

Ok, so maybe we’ve never been formally INTRODUCED but that’s neither here nor there. Let’s just leave it at this- sometimes when you’re feeling like it’s Friday and you’re a bit at an absence for words and the coffee doesn’t seem to be settling into your blood the way it normally does and you still have eight hours of work to do, God, and you decide, quite innocently to do a little bit of thievery, a little STEALING, a little early afternoon blog theft- mainly by combing through a week’s worth of your Google Reader to see what your imaginary Internet friends* are talking about and linking to and you eagerly pick out the sites that cause a little thrill to run through your heart and you drop them into your neat little briefcase erm I mean Bookmarks folder, until you find one that is full of things that you too are also thinking about and want to say and decide that rather than forcing out a post that feels rather meaningless, you can just link to that person because really, her blog is so so pretty and full of eloquent, pointy things and we think (that’s the Royal We) that you deserve the best today because it’s Friday and just because the best isn’t necessarily HERE at this very moment that doesn’t mean we can’t be magnanimous and point you in the right direction, which is, if I could get to the point, is for you to go to Design That Kills.

Harumph. Maybe that coffee is kicking in after all.

*That’s a She Walks-ism– I may steal but I also do copyright.

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