Battle of the Gilmores

Oh the folly of rich women of a certain age. I just can’t get enough. Forget the young-ins on Gossip Girls- in my humble opinion there’s nothing more excruciating than watching rich teenagers (unless you’re watching real rich teenagers which is considerably more heartburn-inducing). But this? I could watch this exchange for hours.

I miss Gilmore Girls. I miss Emily Gilmore’s heavy-handed tongue, dripping with acid, yes, but with equal parts regret and disappointment. I also miss her command of a department store- really a sight to see. Someday I’m going to be such a force to be reckoned with in Harrods or Marshall Fields, a crowd of high-heeled sales associates nipping at my heels, offering me champagne and carrying hat boxes as I kindly remove my gloves and thank them for all their help.


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