Angela Who? Bar-Rum-Pum-Pum-Pum

This one’s a two-fer. If you enjoy a little camp and your fair share of suds in a primetime drama, you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed the world of Ugly Betty- and if you haven’t, by all means give it a chance. America Ferrera is lovely, the plots are ludicrous and the set design is out of this world.

But by far, the greatest draw of the show belongs to Judith Light and Vanessa Williams.

“What? Drink. It?” I love her. Also, Daniel is an idiot. What kind of son gives his mother in rehab a sip of wine in exchange for information about his father’s mistress? I mean, really.

And then, Vanessa Williams. Seriously, who knew after years of being forced to listen to her Christmas CD (hi, Mom), I would come to love this woman so much. Here she is going toe to toe with Victoria Beckham (whom people seem to either love or hate. I choose love. Can you imagine us in an elevator together? Fantastic)

And then, just because this makes me laugh.

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