Hey Ladies…

I’ll be off in Amish-Country Pennsylvania this weekend for a wedding, so no Ollie post tomorrow (unless I squeeze one in before I leave at 6am for my flight tomorrow morning. And, I mean, I love you guys and all but really. That’s insane.)

Maybe my disappearance will spark a little hello from Cones, who’s dropped off the face of the Earth, the way if you leave bread on a plate in the garage and hide, a raccoon appears from where’s it’s been sleeping behind your spare refrigerator*. Not that I can really blame her since it’s Typhoon season in the Far East but still- it’s been a long time. And though I’m sure being a single mommy will all pay off when I’m sitting there at graduation, by myself and oh so tired but gosh, so, so proud, and this blog pauses on stage and leans over to say tearfully into the mike “This is for you, mom” and then I start crying into my Judith Leiber handbag that I got from Loehman’s for my birthday four years ago and wow this fantasy is specific- I do miss her, her crafty Photoshopping, her endlessly vacillating between whether this blog should be about shoes or politics, her take on beautiful things that I would never find on my own… Sigh.

Moving on to things I just found miraculously on my own, an advertisement for Trisquits in my newly arrived October issue of Bon Appetite just informed me that TCM is going to be playing 1939 classic “The Women”,

starring Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell, on Monday, Sept. 15th at 8pm. I highly recommend you see it before checking out the remake with Meg Ryan which opens tomorrow.

At the very least when your gay friends complain about how the new movie is a complete travesty, you’ll know what they’re talking about.

Have a glorious weekend, my doves!

* Is it normal to have a spare refrigerator in your garage? I’ve always grown up with that extra fridge, either in the garage or in the basement or somewhere (there were six of us and we like to eat) and I never questioned it until my sister told me about how when she talked to my mom about temporarily moving back home for a while, my mother assured her that she could have the spare fridge all to herself and my sister said, “That’s not normal for me to move back home and be promised my own refrigerator.” And before you go thinking I grew up in a Long Island McMansion, let me just point out that my parents live in a townhouse and when we’re all home I usually end up sleeping in the hallway on a cot or on the couch. So to recap- two refrigerators. Cots in the hallway. Ok, I think I just answered my own question.

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One Response to Hey Ladies…

  1. Alisa says:

    I did not know that the new coming “The Women” is a remake. Meg Ryan is one of my favorite actresses, so I was looking forward to watching this new film with her. I think it’s a very good idea to watch the old version first!

    Laurela Fashion Blog

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