Photo courtesy of shadow.phobia on Flickr

Photo courtesy of shadow.phobia on Flickr

Whenever it rains in LA, there’s this perplexing pause. Usually I would be standing out in the street, waiting for the bus (an anomaly in itself), and would feel the first few drops hit my feet. Then the inevitable look up at the sky. Frown. Confusion. What is this milky residue on my shoulder again?

A few years ago it didn’t rain, not a drop for three whole months. A whole dry, hot, sunny summer. Sounds lovely in theory. In theory.

The truth is you start to miss it. Sometimes the only balm for a worried or troubled mind is a day that’s as gray as you feel. It’s not always a blessing to be reminded that you could be outside, enjoying another fresh Southern California day. Sometimes you want that excuse to stay curled up on the couch. In its absence you feel guilty and depressed. When it’s raining, you can blame it on the weather. You can wallow in it and then its gone, the sun comes out. A reminder that where there was dark, there will be light.

Today the only thing I hear is the smack of raindrops on my air conditioner. Cyberspace is buzzing about this and this and this, but my house is quiet and dark. Yes, I missed it. A great deal.

Photo courtesy of Jerk With a Camera

Photo courtesy of Jerk With a Camera

In honor of the soft, gauzy light circling my block today, I invite you to dive into the world of polaroid love. First, with everday polaroid. They took the summer off, smart cookies, but there’s still a catalog of old photos to pour over. Then skip over to My Polaroid Blog and drool over some of classy headbands while you’re at it (you’ll notice that’s where I stole the human calendar that’s now gracing the top corner of this blog). They’ll lead you to For the Love of Light. If it all just makes you hungrier for more, than get off your keister and join the Save Polaroid movement.

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