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As promised, I spent a few considerable hours on Friday fleshing out Creme’s blog roll. I could’ve used that time to hunt unicorns and gnomes, so you’re welcome.

Newly added is “Good Reads”, a lovingly collected jumble of worthy reads that y’all have been kind enough to bestow upon myself and Cones. Essentially, if you’re sweet enough to comment here on our little posts, I immediately take a trip to your own space, do an inordinate amount of reading and swooning on my own, and promptly add the URL to my Google Reader subscriptions (which is quickly swelling faster than a water balloon in little mischievous hands). I then go about stealing your photographs, quoting you, forwarding posts to my three-dimensional friends until they sweetly remind me of the Forwarding Restraining Order they had established against me for just that very reason, and generally make a nuisance of myself all over God’s green earth.

It goes beyond saying that if you’d like to be added, please just drop us a note. As for the Categories, those are sites that have actually been featured on Creme- our online adoration is not unlike when you wrote Scott Baio that love note in third grade (last year if you’re my sister). In fact, I’m considering starting a real magazine, like Tiger Beat for blogs. Think about it- a three page fold out of Dooce you can hang up on your wall, polls about who looks better in leopard print swatches, Decorno or Design Sponge, Win a Marbloro Man of Your Very Own, Whose Husband Is Hotter, etc. etc.

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2 Responses to Blog Roll

  1. Gretchen says:

    Sweet! I would easily shell out three-to-five bucks a month to read your magazine.

  2. Kari says:

    I agree — esp. if it’s connected in any way to that classic Tiger Beat.

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