What does “under the weather” really mean anyway? Aren’t we always under the weather? Is there every a day when I’m even with the weather? The weather seems to always win, doesn’t it? Rain and sleet and humidity and snow and- You know what, no, now I am OVER the weather. How do you like that, WEATHER? Forget under. We’re not even on the same plane of EXISTENCE anymore.

I had big plans for editing this in Photoshop so that it said "Ill" State Line. Clever. Also it did not work. It just looked like III. I'm sick, leave me alone.

I had big plans for this picture- I was going to Photoshop it so it said “ill” state line (cause I live in Chicago now- you can take my ability to swallow solid food but you’ll never take my cleverness) but then it just looked like III State Line which doesn’t make sense. And then I muttered an expletive about having to edit photos in general, wiped some clamminess from my brow and gave up.

Ok, so, I feel sick. My throat is scratchy and raw and I feel like I could sleep for days. This is a problem as my best friend is hours away from arriving for the big Rome weekend extravaganza and the plan was to drink for days, not down gallons of orange juice, watch TiVoed “Mad About You” reruns and wait for death to take me.

I also don’t know how to handle a sick day since I work from home now. I just IMed one of my bosses whose only response was “Never stop working ever.” Helpful. My couch is so close yet so far away… This bed seems like a decent compromise if I, you know, actually had it in my house.

More extreme beds here. For more elegant sleep options, see below- the images courtesy of months of TiG’s diligent cataloging and my equally skilled ability to scroll and drag pictures to my desktop. Did I mention it’s supposed to rain all day?

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3 Responses to Bed

  1. Kari says:

    I AM turning into a stalker — but I hope you feel better soon.

    But also, I have had the image of that second-to-the-bottom bed bookmarked for months. That was my dream bedroom in France where I would write important poetry and sketch rose petals and broken hearts in the margins.

    I suspect we were separated at birth by aliens and probably a decade, you and I.

  2. cassandra says:

    love that very white bedroom with the dark accents. so simple, but so stunning!

  3. tig says:

    They look great compiled in one post — wonder why I never thought of that? Thanks for noticing the months of diligent cataloging šŸ™‚ And for being so much fun.

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