Looking Ahead

3 Things I’m Looking Forward To Today (God, this picture makes me laugh. I’m tempted to say this is the greatest picture of all time.)

1. Reunions- This weekend some of my very special friends, the kids I studied abroad with in Rome, will gather in Chicago, marking the first time since college we’ve all shared the same air. Rest assured there will be a lot of beer and Italian food, albeit hopefully not at the same time. Otherwise the only place we’re going is Agita City.

2. “Fringe”– Only 13 more days until Joshua Jackson is once again part of my prime time life. Can I get a Hallelujah from the cheap seats on that one?

3. Blog Roll Renovations- I miss Cones. There I said it. Out loud. You’ll notice that in her absence I have been a very good girl. Not a single Unicorn or mystical creature has graced these pages. Still, I can’t forget one of the last things she grumbled about before climbing that train to Grad School City (which, surprisingly, is a hop, skip and a jump away from Agita City. Go figure) Which essentially was that our blog roll is kind of pathetic. And she’s right. There is a whole slew of sites that I pore over every day and the fact that they’re not duly represented on the right over there is a crying shame. One I plan to remedy this week. I promise. As soon as I get through the 798-page Vogue that came in the mail yesterday (doesn’t it seem like Keira Knightley is on the cover of Vogue ALL THE TIME?) and finish my Shia LaBeouf Wishlist search on TiVo. Priorities, people…

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One Response to Looking Ahead

  1. Kari says:

    Always Keira Knightley, always looking the same. I’m sorry, she and her clavicle bore me to tears.

    PS: Go Fringe!

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