Happy Anni-vegas-ry!

My parents have been together since they were thirteen.

I have proof of this.

Every year, like clockwork, I forget their anniversary. I am not that horrible of a child, I promise you.

I blame the end of August. The end of August is terrible.

So Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Mom, please tell me you kept those bridesmaid dresses. Rooowrl.

Aren’t you impressed I remembered? (PS Thanks for calling me yesterday to remind me, Mom. And for the classic “I don’t care if you remember to call or not but your father will care so please call.” I am almost 27 years old and yet things like this are still completely necessary.)

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4 Responses to Happy Anni-vegas-ry!

  1. Kirti says:

    Hi Ollie, I read your comment, the one that Sylvain put on his/her profile at MyLovelyPLaces…and came to visit your blog. Wonderful! Your gorgeous parents, and those bridesmaid frocks!!!!!! WOW. I’ll keep visiting! xx

  2. sarahjeanne says:

    I am soooo re-creating those bridesmaids dresses someday when I get hitched (consider yourself warned)….your mother is my new fashion muse!

  3. Ollie says:

    That’s not funny, Sarah Jeanne.

  4. TIG says:

    Completely sweet post. And those bridesmaids dresses — have never seen anything like it šŸ™‚

    Happy {belated} Anniversary to your parents.

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