Two Things

I’m drooling over 80’s Purple this morning. That brass knuckles necklace in today’s Daily Bites came from there and I haven’t been able to yank myself away since. Although, is anyone else tired of the Audrey-Breakfast at Tiffanys tribute photo? (she’s up in that collage on the right) Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Hepburn but if I see her with that cigarette holder one more time I’m going to use it to gauge out my own pretty brown eyes. I mean, the woman is a style icon to be sure but I’m beginning to think newer generations are being led to believe this is her only film. That all she did was hang around in pearls and a tiara all day and play a ukulele. For one thing, can we see her in color for once? Now, maybe in a little late ’60s Mod number? God, she’s skinny. How about an enormous hat. Give me an enormous hat! Thanks. You’re so helpful. And finally, if we really want iconic, can we at least stick to the most gorgeous movie dress ever made? Please? AND DON’T SHOW ME PEARLS. See how easy that is? There is a WEALTH of imagery to choose from. So I am begging you, Society at Large, put the BaT images on a barge and send it up Moon River once and for all. It’s had a good run but I think we can move on now. Disagree? I think this proves my point.

(I'm sorry I had to do this to you. I love you.)

In case you need a little taste of legit Audrey, and need to rinse that image of P-Hilt from your brain, here are a few of my personal favorites:

Two For the Road (total ’60s glam and, incidentally, one of my favorite movies ever. EVER.)

Sabrina (forget about the ’90s remake. Forget it ever happened)

Wait Until Dark (a blind girl holds her own against murderous burglars. Is it chilly in here?)

My Fair Lady (yeah, yeah, she doesn’t sing. She’s also fantastic.)

How to Steal a Million (do you know what I would’ve given to see her and Peter O’Toole stumbling around the set together? Ironically, probably a million dollars)

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3 Responses to Two Things

  1. Kari says:

    Love your list. “Two for the Road”! Albert Finney in those short shorts? YUM! What a strange, lovely film. I would also add “Charade” to a list of Audrey greats, and not only for her awesome chocolate brown ski getup at the beginning.

  2. Lovely photos, that is except the last one.
    Does PH have the equivalent to a royal photographer? Some one to take pictures of her each time she wants to dress up? I can’t even imagine the context for this pic.

  3. Lilly says:

    Amen to that. This one is another favourite of mine.

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