This Week in Unicorn News

Um… I think I found the art for my walls.

Original unicorn artwork for $100! To find out more about this exciting offer, visit Boing Boing.

Now, the real question- does unicorn art go under Interior Design or Art in our categories list? Oh, what the hell- let’s put it in BOTH. What a glorious Friday this is turning out to be!

Update: Beloved blog analysist Ollie Oof was slain today by her Editor, known in blogging circles only as The Cones, after she deliberately went against orders to “never write anything about unicorns ever again or so help me God” and posted a piece on Original Unicorn Oil Paintings that are selling for $100 a piece. Oof is best remembered for her bestselling expose “Ethan Hawke: Man or Mouth Breather?” which spent a record 87 weeks at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers List.  Her husband James Franco is in seclusion upon learning of her passing.

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