Envy of a different color

I’m pretty positive Envy is one of the seven deadly sins.  Finding itself among some seriously nasty axis-of-evil comrades, such as Wrath, Greed, Lust, it’s interesting how we cozy up to envy on pretty much a daily basis.  I mean, every blog or glossy I read has something along the lines of “I covet new black skinny jeans from XXX.”

(Side Note: I am now closing the book on words like “covet” “swoon” “lovin’-me-some” as they relate to fashion or decor.  They are stricken from the vernacular.  Lucky copywriters, consider yourselves forewarned.)

As I was musing….

Considering that Envy is one of the seven Big Ones, I’m kind of concerned about the frequency at which I experience it. Although my envy takes a slightly different form.

For example, when I see a gorgeous dress or piece of fabulous jewelry.  I don’t envy the girl it’s on, I envy the artist who made it.  I want to sit with that little old irish lace maker and see just how she turns her thread into beauty.  I want to fly to India and have the stone cutter teach me how to slice a rose diamond just so. Why oh why have I been wasting my time with things like supermarket shopping and a college education when I could have been learning to knit chain linked necklaces from bits of copper wire??

Today, the gods sensed my weakness and tempted me with Brocade Design Etc. After about an hour of this site, I felt defeated, like packing up my construction paper, string, and scissors and changing career paths. (Hopefully to something unrelated to art or writing, because it just took me 5 tries to spell “scissors” correctly.)

This is what falling down the envy rabbit hole feels like….

Is spinning confectioners sugar into lighting an art form? Will my fingers get sticky? Where do I sign up for classes?

Lace maker, lace maker, how do I envy thee? let me count the ways…

This is the woman I need to get next to.  I think if I had $1 million I would just pay designers and artists to let me sit and watch them all day long.

Turning cigarette burn holes into beauty?  I love it.  I need her to redesign the interior of my jetta….

I’m going to confession immediately.

Check out Brocade Design Etc., then join me at Our Lady of the Untalented Flock…

I’ll be the girl in the second to last pew covered in glue and paper cuts.

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