Book me one ticket to late November….

I’m hot, too hot.  Hot and stale.  Summer is soooo over, and yet it is just so freakin’ far from over.  What is it about the depths of summer, a hot, wet, ass-sticking-to-my-couch summer, that makes me want to go here:

I want to light fire to my denim cut-offs, purge my hair of the straw-like highlights, scrub the sun freckles from my face, and start fresh.

I want to wrap myself in one of these from Stella McCartney:

To warm my tootsies in all that london fog, behold the Coclico Obama Boot….

Even my jewelry would be comfy cozy.

Wake me when the sun goes away.

Photos from Designer’s Block UK,, Boot, Little Purls Necklace,

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2 Responses to Book me one ticket to late November….

  1. Anna says:

    Although I’m not with summer yet, I do think your choice of wardrobe is excellent. Especially the Coclico Obama boots! They are beyond amazing.

  2. thecreme says:

    I know how great are those sweater dresses. Do you think I’d have to be a size -2 to look good in them?

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