Quiz Results

Hmmm. Interesting. Very interesting. This will probably mean nothing to you.

It’s a little bit like reading your friend’s horoscope or flipping through her vacation photos. Lovely and vaguely interesting but really has nothing to do with you.

Still. If you’re interested in seeing how this quiz is laid out, by all means, take a peak at my results. If you could care less about anything but yourself, (and who could blame you? I hear you’re delightful), take the quiz yourself here.

I found it to be an interesting study. The images they ask you to choose sometimes ran into each other a bit for me. I mean how much white can there be in the world?

But all in all, if someone wants to refer to me as a City Sophisticate, who am I to say no? Especially when I look at a page like the one above and marvel to myself, “I do really want most of these things.”

Happy weekend everybody! If you’re wondering where I am, I’ll be trying to recreate the vibe of this room as much as possible. I’m nothing if not an excellent student.

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