Americans in Paris

What better way to end a week dipped in bubbly French champagne, than with a guest post from a friend who loved France so much, she decided to make it her home…at least for a short while. After Emily’s first visit to France in the spring 2003, she fell in love and decided to prolong adulthood for at least one year to live, work, and travel around her adopted country. Here, in her own words and pictures, is a few of her favorite spots.

My friend Nicole and I were living in this cute little town, Dax, in the southwest of France.  We made friends who live in cool places…our buddy Fabien (who Nicole has been with for 4 years now…and, by the way, she’s still in France) lived near Blois, in the heart of the Loire Valley…we took the train to his house, and went
to see the famous Chateau…(see above)…we then ventured off in the car to visit the town of Etretat, a city in Normandy that has cliffs along the coast (see below).

Of course Paris, especially around Christmas is beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to go broke on the Champs-Elysees?

Or why not ski in the Pyrenees…where they have small signs that say “ski at your own risk” … it’s a good thing we stopped at Lourdes on the way there and got some holy water, otherwise I could have died on those slopes.

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