A Matter of Taste

I will admit, I’ve gone back and forth a bit when it comes to my Bastille Week Spotlight of Chocolate & Zucchini.

On the one hand, there is no denying the glossy subjects and juicy prose- only I could find a mound of sweet pea pods so interesting.

The recipes are regarded carefully, with whole pages dedicated to such delicate treats as a Banana Pecan Cake with Maple Glaze. A lot of thought goes into each entry. And though most bloggers have primary day jobs, school and/or the responsibilities of home and children to tend to, thus necessitating the need for an occasionally spartan post, attention and dedication to our small online world is always appreciated.

On the other hand, there’s so much ad space on this site. It’s almost painful. As much as I appreciate and would welcome the value of ads (ahem- cha ching!), there is something a little uncouth about plastering your space with them. Every time I visit C & Z, I find myself determined to keep my attention focused on those little nuggets of joy in the center.

Still, we are celebrating France this week and this blog is a very, very nice diversion for a day that is as hot as Hades. I mean, just read the About and tell me you don’t envy the fortune of this beautiful girl:

About Chocolate & Zucchini


Chocolate & Zucchini is a blog written by Clotilde Dusoulier, a 24 25 26 27 28-year-old Parisian woman who lives in Montmartre and shares her passion for all things food-related — thoughts, recipes, musings, cookbook acquisitions, quirky products, nifty tools, restaurant experiences, ideas, and inspirations.

The blog was created in September of 2003 as an outlet for someone who feared her friends might tire of hearing about what she had cooked/eaten/baked/bought, although they didn’t seem to have a problem with being fed dinner. One thing led to another, a bit of media attention was received, articles were submitted to and published by newspapers and magazines, a book deal was signed, a dayjob was quit, and a new life as a full-time food writer began.

Ok, ok so she’s pretty much living the dream. What’s French for “I forgive you your advertisements, just please give me more Chocolate and more Zucchini”?

Highlights of Chocolate & Zucchini

– The handy “Features” on the left provide readers with, among other things, a photo gallery, French-English food glossary and a very handy “why can’t I be there right now with a basket” guide to Markets in Paris.

Moblog: “On the Go Snaps” of delicious treats around Paris and where to find them. So helpful, no?

– A very thoughtfully planned out recipe and archive index. Really, with a little design help this site could be as unstoppable and sublime as 101 Cookbooks. And that’s saying something.

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