French for “Stardust”

Since we’re on the subject of film, we might as well revel in the beauty, grace and coltish charm of the first ladies of French cinema (at least in the eyes of this doting American). Just something to aspire to at the end of Dreary Tuesday, in black and white.

I. Marion Cotillard

Our mermaid come to life.

II. Brigitte Bardot

I’m wearing that exact headband right now.

And a similar expression.

III. Audrey Tautou

Did we all fall in love with Audrey at the same time?

IV. Catherine Deneuve

We should all have such poise.

V. Juliette Binoche

I confess that sometimes I feel like Binoche’s “Vivienne” in Chocolat,

waiting for the wind to call.

VI. Sophie Marceau

God bless those streaks.

VII. Julie Delpy

just realized Ethan Hawke is a mouth breather

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3 Responses to French for “Stardust”

  1. Persephone says:

    Ethan Hawke DID NOT DESERVE Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise. What were the casting peeps thinking? All he did was blink a lot and look dirty.

    I also like Charlotte Gainsbourg:

  2. ollieoof says:

    Ooh Charlotte looks very deep and French. Christ these women are skinny. The chocolate chip cookie I was eating just fell out of my mouth.

  3. lyla says:

    julie delpy is NOT skinny.

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