Bastille Week

It’s no secret that Cones and I are major Francophiles. So when Madame Editor-in-Chief suggested a week of French and French-inspired blogs to celebrate Bastille Day, I whipped off my beret and driving gloves, tore the oversized Dior frames from my eyes, spat out my homemade croissant, smacked Maurice Chevalier (my poodle) with a handy baguette and typed a series of overexcited “Oui’s and Merci’s” in response.

I’ve spent the last few weeks- in between regular posts, blogging and work- keeping an eye out for lovely French things. Google, as usual, was a help as was Stumble Upon. I’ll get to my first pick in a bit but first…a little mood music, Maestro, if you please? And by maestro, I mean you, Dusty. What’s French for “hop to”?

Merci. How about some photography to get us in the mood? Some French iconography mayhaps?

Ah. Parfait.

While we’re on the subject, “parfaits” are perfect, aren’t they? And tasty. And a little crunchy when we need them to be.

God, the French are just BRILLIANT.

I hope you enjoy this week as much as we.

Get it? French? We?

Am I ruining this? I’ll shut up now.

Happy Bastille Day!

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One Response to Bastille Week

  1. Persephone says:

    I was a Francophile until I read French Women Don’t Get Fat.
    Sample text:

    “Do French women eat standing up? Mais non! Do French women eat in front of the television? Sacre bleu! Non, French women eat very little and savor every bite! Oui!”

    Halfway through the book, I wanted to punch her and all her smug, skinny French friends.

    I still like France a lot though.

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