To The Moon and Back

What I’ve been missing on Blog Watch: Fly. Just a few tastes…

What I’ve come to expect and love from Fly is this dedication to beautiful, creative, crafted things that I sadly fail to find anywhere else.

Anyone can post a picture of a reupholstered arm chair (hello, nice to meet you. I am “anyone”)… Maybe I’ve just been looking in the wrong places. It’s a distinct possibility.

But there is so much more richness in the world. It hurts my eyes. It swells my heart. It brings me closer to something far bigger and grander than the small corner of my very white-washed world.

Talk of Europe any day but for now, just give me heat.

Fly me to Brazil. To your Link of the Day. And anywhere else you’d care to take me. My bags are packed, the fish are fed. Let’s go.

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