Watch Out…

There’s so much scrolling to do when you’ve been trapped in an invisible moving bubble for a month. I haven’t forgotten my quest for a new daily blog read but I will say this- it’s extremely difficult to choose when I have so much catching up to do with each of them. Going to have to take them one at a time- it’s the only way.

First up this morning- Absolutely Beautiful Things.Over the last month, this lovely, dignified, soft-spoken space has been filled to the brim with lovely summertime images and it might just be the redecorating place of mind I’m in right now but I am digging every second of it. Even if it means I’m positively drooling with envy over her upcoming three week vacation in France. We’ll miss you, ABT! Bring us back some gems, would you please?

Does anyone want to visit Black & Spiro in Melbourne with me? Anyone?

We can make an International Blog Escapade of the whole trip. Stop by My Marrakesh?

Then maybe on to London where we can do some serious blog stalking. I would fetch TiG’s newspaper if she let me.

But for right now, take my hand and let’s swoon together over this table. I want this table. I need this table.

And this tray.

And I need a bath. But that’s beside the point.

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4 Responses to Watch Out…

  1. ooooh, lovely, I want to come visit all of them with you!

  2. Ollie, you’re completely hilarious! Couldn’t stop laughing about the newspaper and bath comments. Hope you had a brilliant week 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Enjoyed exploring your blog.

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