The End of Innocence

There is a certain high profile divorce happening on a very public stage right now.  I will not post a photo, as it would only contribute to the negative buzz.

Yesterday, my remote control stumbled upon a tanorexic, anorexic E! talk show hostess delving into the sordid details of this divorce, and even though I was barely listening, I had to literally shut off my television and have a seat.

I just have to say this:

What kind of people are we, as a country, that we consider this entertainment?  There is no blaming the media… they are in it for the bucks, and we sure fork ’em over. On a very deep level, we as a society take a wicked pleasure in this sordid and tragic sort of tale. It makes me feel defeated.

I am a firm believer that there are very few if any “neutral” actions.  You either contribute to the good or to the bad.  And also, what kind of a judge would allow the details of this divorce to become public?  What kind of divorcee participants would want it to be public?  How many people, prior to and including Tanorexic, thought to themselves, “this is trash, and I am contributing to it” but then recalled their weighty paychecks and decided not to speak up? We live in a strange, strange world.

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