Advice for the Style Challenged

Ollie, I have to say, your “bare apartment, where do I begin?” problem is the best kind of problem to have. It’s like trying to find the perfect boyfriend.  The more you fret your pretty little head about finding “your style,” the more it will evade you. And you will end up sitting on your couch, staring at that totally unsuitable starburst mirror thingy thinking, “you just don’t pleasure me anymore like when I bought you. And now I’m stuck with you and your piles of dirty underwear and empty chinese takeout cartons….”  

Sorry. Flashback to my dating days.

Ok, UNLIKE men, decor mishaps can be fixed with a coat of paint or a good garage sale. So relax. Just sit back in your bare apartment, pour yourself a glass of Pinot Noir, and let the aroma speak to you.  You wouldn’t try to weave the nuances of your personality all in one sitting, so why would you do that with your decor style?  Flavor it with what feels natural.  A aura of comfort, a hint of irony… the result will be more “you” than you could have imagined.

The best way to start is to get a focal piece. Something wonderful – I suggest an absurdly large film noir print.  It reflects your affinity for the gentler age, while retaining a bit of mystery.  Let it tell a story, like you do so well. Make sure it is large, a backdrop to your stage. So big that you have to lean it up against the wall in it’s glossy frame. Something like…


To complement the Hitchcock nod, you will need a sheepskin rug of sorts, suitable for movie night lounging, and a splash glamour here and there. You really can’t beat a fantastic piece of mirrored furniture.  You can make it mod, artsy, or glam, covering it with Irish lace for a Sense & Sensibility feel or adorning it with retro martini shakers while donning your best Bond Girl dress.  I’d go with the later, as there was not nearly enough alcohol in those Dashwood girls’ lives for all the romantic chaos. Rule #1, be your own provider of comfort.

How great is this one?

[via Design Sponge]

I’m sure that gorgey piece would run you a few grand, and if you had a few grand lying around, you would come visit me in Japan, riiiiiiiiiiight? That’s what I thought.

Instead, I would say take a boring garage-sale coffee table and with these…





do this to it. [Image from: This is Glamorous]


Instant glamour.

I’ll keep an eye out for clutch ebay finds.

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